Saturday 14 December 2013

Voyager Project - We’re Not Alone (2011)

The second album from this Stafford, England based band. A band who has taken a long holiday, I believe.

Describing themselves as a hard rock band, the band chose to adopt a far more accessible commercial style on this album. A quite a modern rock sound which is good on larger stages and in pubs gigs. Voyager Project was/is one of the hard working, under-appreciated English bands with a local following and hardly any impact outside that circuit.

We’re Not Alone is not going to change their status. It is a 45 minutes long romp somewhere in mainstream rock land. The vocals is very good. It is supported by guitars, keyboards, bass and drums. The songs are decent enough. But they does not really stand out and people like myself who want more of a challenge in our music is still left hungry and unsatisfied.

We’re Not Alone is a decent to good album. That is all I can say. Gigs promoters should take a look at this band, though.

2.5 points

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