Saturday, 7 December 2013

Elegant Simplicity - As It Was (2010)

(Review originally published in ProgArchives on the 15. August 2010)

This free compilation album is meant as a promotion tool and is the first of two free compilation albums from this band.

I am no fan of compilation albums. But in the case of this pretty unknown band, which so far has released 19 albums without getting a proper breakthrough, I fully endorse a compilation album. The second of two compilation albums cannot come fast enough in my view.

Based on this compilation album, Elegant Simplicity should please most of the ProgArchives community members. The basis is symphonic prog in the vein of Camel. The music is keyboards and solo guitar based. The guitar solos sometimes takes their sound into the fusion landscape. Some vocals are added too on some songs. Something which takes Elegant Simplicity into neo-prog land. But my main comparison is Camel.

The quality is good throughout. Sometimes great too. Steven and Elegant Simplicity is very talented. I would like to sink my teeth into their albums too and that is probably where I am heading next with my credit card. As a promotion tool, this compilation album is an excellent idea. Mission accomplished.

3.5 points

Free album

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