Monday 30 December 2013

New Grove Project. The - Fool's Journey (1997)

The first of two albums from a Swedish/USA based band. Roine Stolt were a member of this band too on this album and this album is therefore an obligatory album for those who want a complete Roine Stolt discography.

Fool's Journey is a journey through neo prog and symphonic prog land. Very light and flowery music, it is too. Roine Stolt does all guitars here and he is supported by keyboards, bass, drums and vocals. The vocals are pretty decent. There is some Flower Kings over this music. There is also some retro 1970s and Kaipa feel over this album. Kaipa is probably the best comparison.

The music is not particular good. Not to mention impressive. It is very sparse on details, melodies and hooks. The sound is very good though. But that is really it on a decent album I really don't like that much.

2 points

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