Tuesday 10 December 2013

Maina. Pepe - Il Santo dell'Arca e del Crauto (2011)

The twentieth or so album from this Italian solo artist.

New age and electronic music, it is. Or to use his own words; ambient light prog music. A label I think is spot on. This album reminds me a lot about Jean Michel Jarre's adventures in China and the double concert album that followed. Il Santo dell'Arca e del Crauto feels like a journey into China.

The music is performed with flutes and electronics. That includes a lot of samples. This album is over one hour long. It is so ambient that I have to strain my ears and turn up the volume to get what is going on here. That is never a good sign in my book.

Frankly, I am no fan of ambient music and this is not an album I enjoy at all. It is a matter of opinions and this is an album I would label as Avoid It. As simple as that. Fans of ambient light prog music is free to disagree with me.

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