Monday 2 December 2013

Tin Spirits - Wired To Earth (2012)

The debut album from this English band. Swindon to be more precise.

The band has released this album on an Esoteric Records sub-label and it is easy to understand why this reputable label has picked them up.

Tin Spirits has been described as a mix of XTC, Pink Floyd and early Porcupine Tree. No wonder as the guitarist in XTC is also involved in Tin Spirits. I also agree with this label. I would also add King's X and the indie scene when comparisons is being made.

The sound is light and airy. The music is performed with keyboards, guitars, bass, drums and some good vocals. Suitable vocals for this airy, indie rock like music.

It is rather unfortunate that the band has seen fit to include their version of Genesis Back In NYC from the Broadway album. This track feels out of place on this album and is breaking up the ambience and sound of this album. Tin Spirits cannot be compared to Genesis in any way either.

Even with that mistake included, Wired To Earth is a fine, good album which is crosses over from indie rock to progressive rock. Unfortunate, this album has no real great tracks. But fans of English prog rock, XTC, Kings's X, and Porcupine Tree should really check out this album.

3 points


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