Tuesday 7 January 2014

Scaramanga Six. The - Phantom Head (2013)

The seventh album from this British band.

Hmm.... This is not what I expected from a band which has been labeled crossover prog in ProgArchives. So let me elaborate on this in this review. Which is exactly what a review is for.

I would place this music and band in the art rock, post punk genre. There is a very big slant of post-punk here. Steam punk, I guess this may be labeled. There is also a lot of pub rock here and indie rock. Some rockabilly can also be detected and a lot of eclectic rock. The music is very eclectic and avant-garde. This at the same time as the instrumentations is pretty simple. If my ears does not deceive me, the music is being performed with guitars, piano, bass, drums and vocals. The vocals is pretty dominating. The guitars sometimes reminds me about The Smiths. They also have a lot of heavy metal and punk riffs. The bass is pretty basic and ditto for the drums.

The end result is pretty eclectic and probably an anathema towards fans of Genesis and Yes. In that respect, the music here is progressive with a great deal of punk rock attitude. I am not easy offended so I take that on my chin. I have to admit I don't really find any good songs here though. Maybe I am too old, but this album does not really appeal to me at all. This is my first meeting with their music and very probably my last one too. This is not my type of music. I am too old for another revolution.

2 points

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