Tuesday 31 March 2015

Røsenkreütz - Back To The Stars (2014)

The debut album from this Italian band.

This four piece band was put together with the purpose of making progressive rock with both a modern prog metal twist and a good old symph prog twist. That according to the press blurb on this album.

Well, so far the blurb. The bass, drums, keyboards, guitars and English vocals is a bit on the safe side. Ditto for the music too. Music who does not have much in common with good old Yes and Genesis.

What we get here instead is music somewhere between slick rock, pop, neo-prog and progressive metal. The sound is slick and so is the music. Verse-chorus-verse. That is the formula here. Some keyboards and guitar solos freshens things up a bit. But not by much.

The music is decent enough without really impressing me. Neither is any of the songs any good. This is a decent album where their version of I Am The Walrus is the only bright light in an ocean of tedious music. I seriously doubt I will ever listen to this one hour long album again.

2 points  

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