Saturday, 21 March 2015

... The review of your album is no longer here ? Introducing the blog for older reviews..

.... So you cannot find the review of your album I posted some years ago ? Why have I removed it ?

Well, I have not removed it. The problem with this blog is that only the last 2000 albums is indexed in the Alphabetical List of album. Old reviews is still listed in Blog Archives though. But that is not a good solution. 

This is why I have set up a new blog for the old reviews which has fallen out of the max 2000 reviews in the Alphabetical List on this blog.

I will copy over all the 2012 and the 2013 reviews to that blog whenever I got time. The blog will have 2000 reviews at the end too while I am still updating this blog with more new reviews.

The name of this blog is 

The Sound Of Fighting Kittens

The url is

A link to this blog is....


Scotland March 2015

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