Thursday 19 March 2015

Soft Eject - Nine Mountains Away (2003)

The sixth album from this band from Georgia.

Yes, this band is from the ex Soviet Union republic Georgia. It is not a country you would think was a hotbed for music. But it is as much as every country is a hotbed for music. 

Soft Eject is a national institution, indeed a national treasure in Georgia. And I understand why when listening to this album.

The music here is labeled progressive folk music. I wholly agree with that. The first band that springs to my mind when listening to this album is the Dutch band Flairck. And with good reasons. 

The music here is wholly performed with acoustic, local instruments. It is also a wholly instrumental album, sixty-seven minutes long as it is. Flutes is driving the music forward with some help of brass, bass and some percussions. The tunes and tracks here are actually very good. Ditto for the musicianship of the band. 

This album is a bit of a rarity in this blog and in my world. I really like what I hear on this very good album and would fully recommend it. Get it.

3.5 points 

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