Saturday 14 March 2015

Woolgather - Programmes Vol. I: The Pleasure Principle (2009)

The debut album from this US band.

I picked up this album because it was described as crossover prog in ProgArchives. I did not for a second believe that meant what I got here. But crossover prog can also mean the likes of this album. Point taken and some mental notes taken down. 

Woolgather is a four piece band with keyboards, vocals, guitars, drums and bass. Nothing really fancy. Their music is a bit more fancy though.

I am not really into this modern rock and metal scene. This band has one foot in each camp. Take a lot of grunge and add some modern rock and metal to the mix. Also add a lot of prog metal too and that has given them an inclusion in ProgArchives. A well deserved inclusion in my view.

The music here is both emotional and pretty depressive too. It got a lot of piano and vocals in addition to a wall of chugging guitars. This sounds pretty nice.

However; there is no really good tracks here. This album trudges on into the sunset without really taking off into the sky. Hence my rating of this album. A debut album from a band with a lot of promise.

2.5 points

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