Tuesday 4 November 2014

Minor Giant - On The Road (2014)

The debut album from this Dutch band.

Holland has always come up with some great neo-prog bands. This country is perhaps even the greatest neo-prog land at the moment and throughout the history of this genre. Maybe. In this band, they have got another very good band on their hands.

ProgArchives is down today and I know next to nothing about this band. So I have to take it on the music in this provisional review (to be updated when ProgArchives is up again).

The music on this album is symphonic neo-prog with soaring keyboards and guitars. Those two instruments plus vocals, drums and bass is what we get here on this fifty-three minutes long album. An album where the songs ranges from two to fifteen minutes. Songs which is bordering to symphonic prog throughout. The sound is very typical neo-prog though and this album is well within it's genre boundaries.

Most of the songs here are good to great. There is a lot of very good melody lines. I really like this album and regard it as a typical example how complex and symphonic neo-prog should be done. It is a very good album in my estimations.

3.5 points

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