Saturday 1 November 2014

Le Orme - Venerdi (1982)

The twelfth album from this Italian band.

I almost wrote "Italian masters" here. But that would sound hollow when confronted with this forty minutes album. The band is down to a three piece here. As the cover art work alludes to, the music is not exactly symphonic prog as on their first albums. 

Aldo Tagliapietra's excellent vocals has very little to work on here. This on an album with all the ills of the 1980s. Banal songs and melodies which has been "livened up" with cowbells like drums and "amusing" synth sounds. I hide my face in my hands. I was cringing so much that even my better half is giving me a mug of coffee to comfort me during the final listening session. 

This is bad pop music from the 1980s with Italian vocals where the vocalist is not even stretching himself. It is as bad as it can get. It is a turkey with feathers, beak and two legs. Avoid at all cost.

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