Saturday 22 November 2014

Marche La Void - The Origin of Non​ Entity (2012)

I always connect post-rock with the letter I. I stands for Iceland. I also stands for Indonesia..... but I do not connect post-rock with Indonesia ! But here is a post-rock band and album from Jakarta, Indonesia.

This is a Bandcamp album and a free download album from another link which you can find on the same Bandcamp page. The music here is pretty much middle of the road post-rock with a lot of ebbs and flows in the music. The music is pretty somber and depressed on this one hour long album. Some of the songs are very long too. 

The music is based on guitars, bass and drums. There are some sampled vocals and some keyboards too. The keyboards aspects is working very fine. The end result is a good post-rock album in the Sigur Ros vein and well worth the effort to get it. I am mildly impressed by this album although one hour in it's company is too much. In my case, many times x one hour. But check it out.

3 points 

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