Sunday, 9 November 2014

Echoreason - Loch (2014)

The debut album (?) from this Seattle, USA band. 

Progressive rock anno 2014 can mean a lot. From Yes/Genesis copycats to new and groundbreaking bands. Remember; progressive rock means progression although it is sometimes hard to spot progression in progressive rock.

Echoreason is trying to progress this year with their music. They have added a lot of various styles and modern stuff into their brand of progressive rock. A brand of progressive rock which is not looking back to the 1970s. Their music is prog rock anno 2014.

That is not always comfortable listening. Their blend of the likes of Marillion, Gazpacho, post rock, djent and sometimes even death metal is not easy to the ear. Not to mention; my brain. But that is progression for you.

The music is performed with keyboards, guitars, bass, drums and vocals. The vocals are great. The guitars are changing between chugging metal riffs and jazzy half acoustic pieces. The rhythm section is very tight and the keyboards are hardly ever used.

The end result is a good one hour long album. A weak good award, but still a good status. I like the more pastoral bits and accept the more djent and death metal flirtations. This is prog rock anno 2014, btw. 

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  1. This is actually their second album released by them, I enjoyed the album, it was a strange one to listen to I agree, and at times was a bit hard to take in but never the less enjoyed the album as a whole. It was a different approach from their last album which seemed, and granted I'm not gifted in the music theory department but more technical than their newer offering, while Loch seemed more "airy" or "spacey" as it were. I can see how either could be for some, and not for others in their own ways. There were parts of both I enjoyed greatly, and some parts maybe not so much. Overall I'm glad I own both, the stories told with both albums are the parts I enjoyed the most overall.