Sunday 16 November 2014

Last Turion - Seduction Overdose (1996)

The second and final album from this German band. 

Their name gives me associations to speed and thrash metal. Well, at least to power metal. This not exactly what we get on this one hour long album.

What we get is a mix of neo-prog, rock and power metal. You get the full monty here with keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. Unfortunate, you also get overblown over the top emotional ballads and songs here. One of them even got a children choir. It is a totally disgusting song. 

The rest of the album could even send active fire and lava spewing volcanoes back to sleep. It is that boring/dull. The music is so bad and generic that it becomes a painful listen. The vocals is really annoying. Ditto for the lack of creativity. This my friends is what I call a turkey of an album. Avoid !

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