Wednesday 12 November 2014

Machine Mass Trio - Inti (2014)

The second or third album from this band. A band which on this album includes Michel Delville on guitars and keyboards, Tony Bianco on drums and Dave Liebman on saxophone. And yes, this is a jazz album.

I am very happy to sniff around MoonJune's catalogue of albums. I rate this label as one of the best record labels of all time. Their many albums certainly gets my brain cells working overtime. This is another one of their albums which gives my non-jazzy braincells some xtra hard work to do.

Dave Liebman and Michel Delville is doing the melody and solo stuff. The contrasts between guitars, saxophone and the Roland keyboards is very interesting and gives this album a lot of life. Dave Liebman's solos is really jazzy and great too. Tony Bianco too is great here.

This is by no means jazz for newbies. Neither is this big band jazz or any of those melodic types of jazz. This is really hardcore jazz where the art of melodies comes in a distant second to the art of playing the instruments. Avant-garde it is to a large degree. 

A jazz newbie is where I feel I am at the moment. Music wise, I really like what I hear and rates this as a good album. I may rate it somewhat higher when I get more experience in the art of jazz. I still like this album.

3 points 

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