Saturday 17 March 2012

Malmsteen. Yngwie - Double Live! (1998)

The second live album by this larger than life character Yngwie Malmsteen.

What hits me first is the pretty horrendous bad sound on this album. This album feels like a bootleg and was probably recorded as a bootleg too before Yngwie Malmsteen got hold of the tapes. Or perhaps it was the record label who got hold of them and decided to cash in on Yngwie Malmsteen's name. The sound is nowhere near acceptable in my views.

Yngwie Malmsteen builds up everything around his guitars. A guitar sound who sounds like two fighting cats. It is best enjoyed in small dosages. This 100 minutes long live album is most definate at least 90 minutes too long with this crappy sound. It is not helped by the bad sound either which really gets to me and makes it impossible to really enjoy Yngwie Malmsteen's music.

In short; this album is a rip off and I have been royally ripped off.

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