Tuesday 20 March 2012

Goblin - Roller (1976)

The second album from these Italian sound track producers.

Roller is one of their non sound track albums. The opening title track is excellent instrumental fusion of the more elegant, driving kind. They have a huge winner in this track and I get the impression from fansites that this is one of their alltime best tracks. The two following tracks Aquaman and Snip Snap is also superb.

The rest of the album contains more pastoral, piano based music. The eleven minutes long Goblin being the prime example.

In short; the first half is driving good fusion and the last half is pastoral, symphonic prog melancholic with a lot of jazz musings on electric guitars. The overall quality is great though and this half an hour long album is most definate worth purchasing. Of all the Goblin albums I have heard so far, Roller is the best Goblin album.

4 points

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