Wednesday 28 March 2012

Medina Azahara - Caravana Española (1985)

I purchased the discography of this band some time ago out of curiosity. There are some good albums and not so good albums in their discography. Their first two albums is good. This, their fourth album is different kettle altogether.

Medina Azahara went mainstream on Caravana Española with the typical AOR sound with a distinct Spanish flavour. Vocals, that is. Besides of that, this album has this very annoying 1980s sound and feel. A decade where music in general got lost in plastic fantastic and by sniffing hair spray. It feels like Medina Azahara were sniffing hair spray too on this album. This album does not have a single good song or anything good going for it. It is full of cliches and attempts to sound like Mister Mister or any of those AOR bands from that time. Avoid, avoid, avoid.........

1 point

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