Monday 19 March 2012

Lagartija - Particelle (2011)

RPI can mean a lot and the genre offers a wide variety of musical expressions.

Lagartija comes in from the cool lounge jazz scene and take a nibble at the left fringes of the RPI scene. Their music means a coctails bar, cigarettes, cool women with red lipsticks, piano, cold war spies and a big sofa. Lagartija really means business on their long lingering saxophone solo on the opening track Idiosincrasia. A saxophone solo interluded with some heavy guitars. This is cool music, man. One of the few RPI albums you can play with a lady in your arms.

If Particelle was a whisky, I would describe it as very smoky and peaty. That is what this album is. Very smoky. The use of saxophone is mentioned. The guitars is both heavy and half-acoustic too. Sara Aliani's vocals is excellent and really fitting for the cool jazz music on this album. Some of the music on this album reminds me about the Norwegian band The Third And The Mortal. The same mix of jazz and doom metal. And yes, Lagartija has some subtle influences from doom metal in their sound. That's what makes this album so peaty, smokefilled cool.

All songs here are great. I regard this album as one piece of music and do not want to single out a single track here. Although this album is nowhere near being a traditional RPI album, the RPI genre has finally given us an album you can play in the background while exploring the charms of your partner on a sofa. This album is spelled "make love to me".

4 points

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