Saturday 24 March 2012

Cruciferius - A nice way of life (1970)

It is claimed that this band was Christian Vander's (Magma) first ever band and album. That may be true.

The drumming on this album is excellent though and has the hallmarks of Christian Vander. The music is much more rock'n'roll and space rock than we are used to from Christian Vander. I guess this is not an album he is too proud of. Well, he should be.

The music is blues rock'n'roll space rock. It has this very typical 1970's sound and music. Both hard rocking and some spacy. It though has some very strange rhythm, melody and vocal patterns. This "strange" thing is pretty easy to detect as zeuhl. Is this the first ever zeuhl album ?  Some blogs does rate this as a zeuhl album, but I disagree. Yes, there are some zeuhl here, but not enough to label this album as zeuhl.

The quality of the music is very good throughout. It has some good melodies and musicianship. It also has a lot of great details to keep the listener interested. And it is an album fans of Christian Vander should purchase. This album is indeed one of the hidden gems in the scene and it deserve a lot more attention. It is hereby given.

3.5 points

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