Monday 19 March 2012

Damenbart - Impressionen '71 (1971)

Krautrock can mean a lot of things. From jazzy melodies to rock to avant-garde to noise.

Damenbart is one of the many one-album wonder bands in this blog. I do not know much, not to mention anything, about this band. This album is also most definate in the avant-garde, bordering to noise, wing of the Krautrock scene. Most of the music has an industrial feel over it with sirens and working hammers of infernal heavy industries in the Ruhr valley as the backdrop. It feels like an infernal hell elevated to a German valley. That's the first half of the album. The final half, from thirty five minutes and out, has some Raga Rock influences and even some good jazz too.

Then I have to flesh up this review with my opinion and points.......

Those of you into the more avant garde/noise part of the Krautrock scene, and I know that is a lot of you, should most definate check out this album. You will probably love it. I don't think this is a bad album. But this album is a bit too eclectic for my liking. Too one-dimentional and too sound collage like. It is a decent album though, but not one I will play again too often. Sorry......

2 points

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