Friday 27 June 2014

Junius - Days of the Fallen Sun (2014)

The fourth EP from this US post/math rock band.

Math rock is not exactly my cup of tea and I was not particular pleased when I ended up with this EP in a lucky draw. Nobody else wanted it and nobody wanted a review to be published in the newspaper. Which is a bit of a shame, really.

I am not sure what math rock really means. I guess this is a clever-college-kids type of music. Cold, calculating music with no soul. Just like death metal was like in the Scott Burns era. That type of music is exactly just what this thirty-two minutes long EP is not.

What we get here is a mix of epic metal, post rock and stadium rock aka Muse. Take cascades of guitars, keyboards and vocals. Then add drums and bass to this mix too. The music ebbs and flows a lot. It mostly flows with cascades of big sounds and soundscapes. It reminds me a lot about Gazpacho and Neurosis at times. The music is very commercial though, without really having any great songs.

I gather this EP is an oddity EP. Which makes me wonder how good this band really are. This is a very good EP which I really recommend.

3.5 points

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