Sunday 22 June 2014

Halloween - Laz (1989)

The second album from this French band who released four albums. I am not sure if they are still around.

Their debut album Part One was quite a good album in the French symphonic prog tradition. The follow up, this album, is also very much in that tradition. That is, with English vocals this time. They have also branched out into a more cinematic, theatrical landscape too. The music is performed with a lot of synths, guitars, drums, vocals and bass. A violin appears on a sporadic basis.

The music is bewildering to say at least. It feels unhinged with only a few clearly defined themes and melodies. It is like a blind man has made a pizza from a box of ingredients he has not been told what is containing. I have a much more positive view on blind men (great people !) than this album.

This whole fifty minutes long album is one unhinged, scattered album where the ideas and melodies does not make much sense. There are some good to decent melodies and themes scattered around. That is all I like about this album.

This is a decent album and the one album to avoid from this band, I have heard.

2 points

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