Monday 2 June 2014

Ianva - L'Occidente (2007)

The second EP from this Italian oddity.

Oddity they are because their music has more in common with tango and Parisian pop music from the 1930s than Italian progressive rock. This music has nothing to do with rock at all. Ianva is one of the more special bands in the scene.

The music is performed with trumpets, oboe, accordion, bass, drums, guitars, violin and some male and female vocals. The vocals are special and pretty intimidating. The music is pretty intimidating and harsh to a certain degree. Well, some of it. There are also a lot of beauty in this music with some very good melodies on this twenty-three minutes long EP. Some of the melodies here is more like classical music pieces.

The end result is a very good EP which is not every day's fare, but still one of the more special releases out there. I really like this EP although I find it difficult to switch of my normal fare and switch onto what Ianva does. Give it time and you will be rewarded.

3.5 points

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