Friday 20 June 2014

Entity - Il Falso Centro (2014)

Another debut album from the very much alive progressive rock scene in Italy.

I don't think there is any doubts whatsoever that the Italian progressive rock scene is the most impressive scene anno 2010 - 2015. I have heard some albums which has sent me to the seventh heaven. It has been so many of them that I am regarded as a permanent danger to the overflying airplanes.

Entity sounds like an English/American/whatever band and does not really have this Italian twang to it. No Ballo, Castello or Delle. Just Entity and I am not particular impressed by the choice of name.

That is almost the only thing that does not impresses me here. The music is classic Italian progressive rock with great Italian vocals, great use of keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. The keyboards sound is the classic Italian keyboards sound. Ditto for the guitars and the rest of the instruments.

The music is bold with a big sound and soundscape. There is not really anything small here. Good references are Banco. As simple as that. The music is big and bold. But it is not heavy at all.

The end result is a superb album which is only lacking a killer track. All the songs here on this one hour long album is really great, bordering to excellent. This is one of the best albums I have heard this year.

4.5 points

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