Friday, 19 October 2012

Springsteen. Bruce - Born In The USA (1984)

Bruce Springsteen..... Born In The USA..... That is a quandary for me. I was a big fan of Mr. Springsteen for a long time until I started to find his music and rock'n'roll in general too simple and too boring for my tastes. There is nothing here to inspire and stimulate me. Melody and music wise, that is. I strongly sympatize and agrees with his lyrics. The poor working class man trying to get a decent living against all odds. The outsider trying to earn a decent living and to get accepted. That is my own life in short and Bruce Springsteen has mostly always been my voice. Lyrics wise, that is.

Born In The USA was his biggest commercial success. It was also claimed as their own by the people this album was against. Which is ironic. But when you put the name, Born In The USA on an album or any products, it will attract the morons. Bruce Springsteen learnt that lesson on this album. He has not repeated this mistake.

Born In The USA is also an oddity in his discography. The title track is against the Vietnam war which was still in the forefront of people's minds, ten years or so after USA had left Saigon. The rest of the songs are about broken dreams and lost illusions. Still, it sold tonnes of albums and this was regarded as an uplifting album. Strangely enough, it was an uplifting party music album. It is also the uplifting oddity in Springsteen's pretty dark discography. Born In The USA was the follow up to the very darkened acoustic Nebraska album.

Born In The USA is also an icon of the 1980s. It has not particular survived the test of time like his best albums The River and the iconic Born To Run has. Born In The USA is much more commercial and slick. It is an album which floats on the surface and hardly ever goes deeper than that. Only the title track, Darlington County and My Hometown has really survived the test of time. The other songs are not that interesting. This album is by all means an enjoyable listen and a good album. But I much prefer the real Bruce Springsteen albums to this album which I feel was and is too slick. It is an oddity. I give it......

2.5 points 

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