Saturday 13 October 2012

Daal - Destruktive Actions Affect Livings (2011)

Daal and this album, their second album, is one of those listening projects which does not pan out right.

Daal is a duo of experienced musicians from Italy. Davide Guidoni and Alfio Costa plays in numerous other bands. All of them more straight prog bands than Daal. Daal is their studio avant-garde project which is more based on creating moods, multi layers and electronic journeys. That is what we get here. Faint melodies with double layers and studio experiementations. There are some references to The Flower Kings in their music. Music created by keyboards, drums and numerous studio wizardry.

The result is eclectic to say at least. Eclectic and far too much in one soundscape. There are far too much bass and a good speaker would get an overload of bass on anyone's listening devices. I have tried three different devices myself. The music is decent enough. But Daal has tried to swallow too much meat in one bite and the meat has become stucked during the studio session. That is what I get from this album.
This is a decent enough album which falls a bit flat on it's face in my view.

2 points

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