Saturday 13 October 2012

Happy The Man - Happy The Man (1977)

The debut album from this US band.

Happy The Man has a legend status in the scene and this album has been hyped up a lot by my friends in the scene. When I finally gave in and got this album, I quickly found out that there is a lot of substance behind this hype.

It is fair to say that Happy The Man has their own sound and style. This is displayed on this album. It is not easy to describe the music on this album. I will do my best, though. Their base camp is in what Keith Emerson and ELP did. Then you add fusion as Return To Forever to the mix. Also add what Camel and Caravan did too. A bit whimsical bits from Gentle Giant should be added too. Add Cathedral to the mix, too. That should give you some indications of where you find Happy The Man.

The music is performed with keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. There are

This album starts with a majestic melody and it continues down that road throughout the fifty minutes. Majestic with a lot of whimsical solos and details. This is a very eclectic piece of music, indeed.

The music on this album is both fascinating and great. It is never dull or boring. It really has both this x-factor and the ability to surprise the listener throughout. When you think you have heard it all, this album proves you wrong. This is indeed one of the great US albums from the prog scene and highly recommended.

4 points 

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