Tuesday 30 October 2012

Pi2 - Dema sera un altre dia (2000)

The second album from this Spanish band. It has also been titled Tomorrow's Another Day.

I reviewed their first album Retorn back in 2009 and was not particular impressed. So I put their remaining three albums back into their box and forgot about this band. That until I dug them out again in my quest for more Spanish bands.

Pi2 plays symphonic prog in the vein of the big British bands in the scene. Retorn was an instrumental album. Dema sera un altre dia is also largely an instrumental album. But it starts with a Lionel Ritchie opening of their twenty five minutes long Tomorrow's Another Day, the title track of this album. The vocals is slick and very American like. The song goes more into a mix of Camel and Genesis from there on and out. The same goes for the rest of this album too. A mix of Camel and Genesis. Mostly Camel. That and some slick piano pop in the vein of Lionel Ritchie and Billy Joel.

This makes Dema sera un altre dia a good album and a vast improvement on Retorn. The keyboards and guitars are really good. Ditto for the vocals, bass and drums. This is not a particular exciting album which will enthuse anyone. But it ticks nicely over and makes the listener really listen to the album instead of treating it as a nice background ambience. This album is recommended.

3 points

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