Monday 19 May 2014

Ouija - Addiction (2013)

The debut album from this French band, released through Musea Records.

French bands are normally pretty strange and original, compared to the rest of the scene. Ouija is not perhaps the most original band out there. Their brand of prog metal is pretty dark with some Tool and avant-garde influences. Not to mention; some Yes and Genesis influences. The vocals are in English and they are pretty downtuned dark. King Crimson also springs to mind on this album where the vocals are supported by chugging guitars, bass and drums.

Ouija is a trio and they makes the best out of that format. The songs are not particular great though. Their dark, melancholic sound reminds me a bit about David Bowie and produces fifty minutes of some good, original prog metal, bordering to crossover prog. It is not rich on pastoral melodies. It still sits nicely with me and I rate it as a good album. I better keep an eye on this band in the future.

3 points

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