Thursday 8 May 2014

Mystic Siva - Under The Influence (2003)

A compilation album with various 1970s recordings from this Detroit, USA band.

Mystic Siva was a very obscure band, only releasing a self titled album in 1971. A good album in the krautrock genre. This fifty minutes long compilation album is a bit more mainstream psychedelic rock than their studio album. The inclusion of Come Together, the Beatles song, is strange and does not raise the quality of this album. That song is a great song. Mystic Siva's version is rather poor.

The rest of the songs are more in the vein of The Doors. A poor man's The Doors. There are still some krautrock here too. But not as much as on their studio album which is far better than this one.

It is nice to hear the vocals, Hammond organ, guitars, bass and drums on this album. All competent played. The sound is a bit iffy. I very much prefer the studio album to this one and can only rate it as a decent album. Barely a decent album, that is.

2 points

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