Wednesday 28 May 2014

Officina Meccanica - La Follia Del Mimo Di Fuoco (2007)

The only sign of life from this pretty popular Italian band from the 1970s.

Don't let the release date fool you. The recording was made in the mid 1970s. The album lay dormant for decades before BTF released it in 2007. The band broke up in 1978 and three of their members had sadly passed away before this album saw the light of day.

The music here is not the traditional RPI/Italian progressive rock fare either. The music draws a lot on their use of trumpet and saxophone. Those again are supported by keyboards, guitars, bass, drums and Italian vocals. The sound is not particular great as in the meaning of crystal clear and crisp. The sound is very much the 1970s Italian progressive rock sound.

The music is a mix of psychedelic as in the final The Beatles albums, funk, fusion, folk rock and progressive rock. That and Ange's theatrical rock. There is a lot of theater in their music. Their gigs were pure theater too, I have been told. There is a lot of vaudeville circus in their music too. As I said; this is not the typical Italian progressive rock fare.

This one hour long album is a good album. Overall, that is. It is lacking some killer tracks and that is my gripe with it. Fans of Italian prog rock and also perhaps fans of Ange should check out this album.

3 points

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