Thursday 2 April 2015

Streetmark - Eileen (1977)

The second album from this German band. 

Their debut album Nordland did not impress me at all. A reasonable hopeless mix of kraut and symphonic prog which came complete with a hopeless vocalist.

So the band has swapped the previous vocalist with a new vocalist. I should not really talk bad about murdered men, but I cannot deny that the new vocalist is almost as hopeless as the previous vocalist. No, I shall not name him here. 

He is supported by guitars, bass, drums and keyboards. Together, they have cooked up another mix of krautrock and symphonic prog. Although with a badly mixed sound where some instruments sounds louder and clearer than other instruments. 

The synths and keyboards is pretty strong here. That is the best I can say about this album. A pretty decent album with some good stuff. Other stuff here makes me cringe. I am not a fan of this band.

2 points

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