Saturday 18 April 2015

Schnauser - Protein for Everyone (2014)

The fifth album from this band from Great Britain.

I am totally new to this band and their music. I did not even know about them before this album dumped down into my mail box. They are supposed to be popular in the more alternative rock scene. 

I am not sure what alternative means these days. Mainstream and alternative tends to swap places due to the shifting sands in the music fashions. But I take their word for it.

Schnauser is a four piece band and the lineup is a wide variety of acoustic and electric instruments. Most of these instruments has strings. Mandolin, guitars and the likes of that. Add drums, vocals and keyboards to the proceedings too.

The music is a bit psychedelic too. Not as in spaced out. I guess a mix of psychedelic rock, rock, pop and some folk is fitting here. There are also a cool lounge jazz feel here. The use of Hammond organs makes me happy. Make that, very happy.

The result is a weird, but still a very cool and melodic album. The music is not hard at all. Neither is it ambient or particular dull and soft. It just has this jazzy feel which I like.

Have this album converted me to becoming a Schnauser fan ? Nope. I like this music and this is a good forty-five minutes long album. There is no killer tracks here too. This though is a good album from a band who has my full respect. Bands like this one is much needed.

3 points

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