Saturday 25 April 2015

Cosmic Jokers - Planeten Sit In (1974)

The third album from this German band. Both in their career and from 1974. 

Five albums in one year does not leave much for quality control. When it comes to electronic krautrock as we are dealing with here, anything goes. 

Both Klaus Schulze and Dieter Dierks (the Scorpions producer) was involved here on this largely bass, drums and synthesizers albums. Well, it was only those three instruments. 

There are some melody lines scattered around. Most of this music is so outer space cosmic that I don't believe even aliens from the planet Pluto would understand it. Let alone; find much joy in this album. 

There are a couple of good melody lines here. But most of this thirty-five minutes is just aimless pling-plong and not much of a joy. 

2 points   

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