Tuesday 12 November 2013

Landscape - Staring At Utopia (2012)

A Dutch trio, formed in 1997, finally release their debut album.

One of the members of this trio is Sandra Smit, a female vocalist. The other members are Dennis Stant on guitars and Joris Wittenberg on bass, sax and synth. They are helped out by a drum machine and a St Bernhards dog with a keg of brandy. OK, I just made that one up. But you get the picture. Female fronted art rock/neo prog in the same vein as Touchstone and Mostly Autumn. That is; without the celtic influences. There is none in Landscape's music.

Their music is a bit hard, commercial and pretty complex. Complex to be a trio. Then again; Rush is a trio. Landscape's music is also complex and symphonic. Sandra's voice is very good without being the best in the scene. Besides of that, this album has the usual female fronted music. A mix of harder music and a couple of ballads. The usual fare.

The end result is a good album which breaks no new ground, but still upholds the good female fronted prog standard. I think this album is worth a lot more attention than it has got so far as it would please everyone into female fronted prog.

3 points

The band 

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