Thursday 28 November 2013

Echoes - Rachel (2007)

The second album from this French band.

I am trying my best to label albums and bands just to give the readers their compass and maps bearing in the landscape. In this case; that is not such a easy job. French bands does their own things and their own scene. Echoes is among those bands making life slightly more difficult for us music reviewers.

The music is performed with English vocals, drums, bass, keyboards and guitars.

Start with early Pink Floyd anno Ummagumma and move slowly towards ELP and Ange. There is plenty of church organs cascades on this album on the top of Pink Floyd'ish bass and melody lines. Unfortunate; the pretty poor English vocals spoils a bit of my Ange comparisons. But Ange is still present here.

The end result is a very melodic album which also has some good details too. Unfortunate, the music is not that good. The plus sides is they keyboards sound which I very much like. None of the songs really shines and I find this album a bit of a frustrating listen. It could had been so much better. But the songs are not great and I am therefore awarding is a weak three pointer.

3 points

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