Saturday 19 October 2013

Tower Of Electric Onions - Tower Of Electric Onions (1999)

A German band with their debut album. I believe this is their only album too.

The band has described their music as "Afro-psychedelic-jazz-funk-rock". Well, I think krautrock is the term I would use although I do not disagree with the label the band use on their music. Their music is deeply rooted in the 1970s German scene and their brand of krautrock is a mix of fusion and psychedelic.

Bands to compare them with is Eloy, Man, Camel and Nektar. Their music is performed with guitars, long guitar solos it is, keyboards, a rampant jazzy bass, drums and some good vocals. The end result is at times a very funky album which transform any feet into feet tapping, dancing feet. Infectious groovy in other words.

This album is also a good album who sadly is lacking a great song or two. Fans of krautrock should check out this band though and I hope the band will resurface again with a new album.

3 points

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