Sunday 13 October 2013

Rush - Vapor Trails Remixed (2013)

The remixed version of an album many, very many people had problems with the sound on the 2002 version. Their comeback album after Neal Peart's known problems caused by events totally out of his control. Events which would had broken other men. But Rush came back and I regard 2002 as a full frontal attack on all the injustices (his daughter and wife's death) Neal Peart faced.

This year's remixed version does not have this raw anger though. Which is probably good as we can now fully concentrate on the songs themselves. The sound is far fuller and more rounded to suit Rush a lot better. It is the traditional Rush sound. Safe and a bit dull.

What did I give the 2002 version again ? Well, I cannot remember. What I get from the 2013 version is an album full of great Rush songs. The songs are still on the heavy side with some grungy guitars, bass and drums. The vocal harmonies are great too. I really find myself liking this album a great deal. I am enjoying listening to an album full of so diverse, cleverly crafted songs. The Rush were back and back with a bang. This is a great album and one who proves why Rush is such a great band. Get both versions as I have done..... and enjoy.

4 points

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