Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Elull Noomi - Uleella (2008)

I have been listening to and reviewing a lot of strange music during the last 20 years. From necro-black metal to jazz and zeuhl. This album is among the most strangest experiences I have ever had in the front of my speakers.

Uleella was released by Magma's own label and that should give an indication about what to follow. But where Magma uses full instruments and that lots of them, this band, which I guess is from Montpellier in France, does not use a single instrument. What we get is a six voices big a cappella zeuhl album. Yes, you heard me right. A capella zeuhl. A capella with female and male vocals on a made-up language nobody understand. Music cannot be more eclectic than this. This album and band is one of a kind and do occupy their own music genre. No less; no more.

The result is this one hour long album with some great vocals. It takes time for this music to sink in though as I have not heard anything like this before in my life. The music is zeuhl though and also has a lot of jazz in it. The likes of Flairck and Aranis can also be detected in addition to Magma.

The result is weird, but also a good album which I would recommend to anyone into the bands above and zeuhl. The music is so out there that I find it difficult to label it as a great album though. It is among the top three strangest albums in my collection though. Weird, weird, weird.........

3 points

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