Thursday 25 December 2014

Saga - 20/20 (2012)

The twentieth album from this Canadian band.

Maybe the title was referring to that too. Or it may have been referring to the fact that replacing Michael Sadler as the vocalist was a very bad idea. He is back again here after vacating the microphone at the previous album The Human Factor. And that itself is an improvement. 

I do not know that story so I cannot really comment here. It is great news that he is back and that we get the usual Saga fare here. Pomp rock with a lot of drama and circumstances. The guitars are a bit sharp here and the band has become pretty heavy now. There are still a couple of good ballads here.

The band will probably not win any new fans with this album. It is still an album which will really please the fans. It is also a good album without any great tracks. But I am not complaining.... The real Saga is back. 

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