Monday 29 December 2014

Kosmoratik - Directions (2014)

The second EP or so from this Norwegian band whose 2013 album Bridges And Boats got top score from me.

It is my understanding these four tracks on Directions is taken from that session too. They did not quite make that album. I can understand why.

These four tracks are more like sketches and ideas than the usual fully coloured pictures this band released on their first EP Gravitations and the B & B album. Kosmoratik is a semi-acoustic prog band with both male and female vocals. It is a three piece band and the band is not one of those full frontal symph prog bands. They are more in the folk prog vein. Their music is folk prog. 

Directions more than hints about their potential. But what we get here is not fully developed songs. Nevertheless, this is an interesting behind-the-scenes EP which is well worth purchasing. It is also a good album and a winter warmer with the warm music and vocals. Check it out.

3 points  

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