Thursday 27 September 2012

Peggy's Leg - Grinilla (1973)

The only album from this Irish band who appeared and then disappeared again without a trace. This album was originally released in 500 copies back in 1973 before re-released with bonus material some years ago.

This album bears all the hallmarks of a debut album. That is a band throwing everything they can at an album. Everything means various styles from Beatles like beat to Yes like prog rock to Fairport Convention like folk rock. The sound are good. The songs though are not that good and the album is suffering from a bit of confusion where it limps from genre to genre. The music is mostly performed by guitars, aided by keyboards, bass and drums. That and vocals. All good and well.

The result is a decent album which feels more like a compilation album than a real album. You are not missing out on much if this album has bypassed you.

2 points

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