Friday 7 September 2012

Acute Mind - Acute Mind (2011)

Progressive metal is not high on my list of favourite genres. Too many Dream Theater clones, in my view. The debut album from the Polish band Acute Mind neatly falls into this category.

Take a large chunk of Dream Theater, a couple of power ballads from the 1980s and some more metal from that era. The end result is this album. The music is very competent played. The vocals are good. The music too is at times good. The lack of any originality is a problem. In particular in a scene overflowing with the same kind of bands.

...When that is said, I pretty much like this album. The power ballad is pretty horrible and drags down this album. This album has a lot of pretty interesting details and hooks. It is in a desperate need of some good songs, though. It falls somewhere between decent and good in my estimation. A bit more soul and originality next time, please.

2.5 points

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