Sunday 9 February 2014

One In A Million - Double Sight. The Complete Recordings (2008)

One In A Million was a Glasgow, Scotland based band who released two singles before they split up. Both singles are highly sought after collector items. The English retro psychedelic rock specialist label Wooden Hill released this half an hour long compilation album (CD) with a fittingly great booklet.
The lead guitarist in One In A Million, Jimmy McCulloch later joined Sir Paul McCartney's Wings before he passed away to a drug overdose in 1978, aged 26.

Double Sight includes the single of the same name and ten other psychedelic rock songs. Beat rock mixed with psychedelic rock, that is. The sound is rather good despite of these tracks being compiled from acetate discs and these two singles. The music has not stood the test of time. It can be compared to a rawer version of early Status Quo in their psychedelic rock period. The guitars are pretty distorted and too much in the forefront in the mix.

There are a couple of good songs here. This compilation album is what it is; a compilation of obscure music from an obscure band who did not make it. This is nevertheless a decent album and well worth checking out for those into the 1960s scene.

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