Monday 15 July 2013

Clash. The - Sandinista ! (1980)

A bit of a strange album to write about in this blog. Sandinista was a very strange album indeed and I accidentally bought it in a flea market the same year it was released. Probably put there by a person who thought he/she had bought London Calling # 2 or a punk album. The Clash was indeed a punk band in the beginning. I also thought I had bought London Calling # 2.

Sandinista is a double cassette (as I bought), a double CD and a triple LP. It will be re-released as digitally remastered later this year. Sandinista is not a punk album. It is a rebellious album though. It has a very wide variety of music incorporated. I have never heard any other albums with so much variety on one album. From doo-wop via gospel, reggae, rockabilly, rap, rock and punk to hard rock.

The album is next to impossible to listen too in one listening session. The Clash doing gospel is not what I expect. Sandinista is an all out outrageous album. It shames all the 1970s concept albums and out-excess them. It is simply an album you need to hear to believe.

The shock has abated thirty years after I bought it and I find it a pretty good album. Almost an essential album. And the music is good throughout. But it requires a very, very open mind. I would still recommend it. I will probably purchase the re-mastered version when it released too. Check out the album on Youtube.

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