Sunday, 28 July 2013

Arcadelt - Enjoy (1996)

The first of two album from this Italian neo prog band. The second album, released in 2010, is an abridged version of this album for the Japanese market.

Enjoy is an unashamed neo prog album in the good old English neo prog tradition. Pendragon is a good reference. So is Haze and Pallas too. The music is slightly symphonic too. The music is performed with the typical keyboards, guitars, drums, bass and male vocals setup. The typical neo prog setup, in other words. Some very Peter Gabriel like theatrical vocals are also included on this album. Not that they makes this album any better.

There are some good ideas here. The opening track Flight On A Marzipan Throne makes me believe I am in for a good to great album. Hopes soon dashed. The rest of the album is decent enough. My main gripe is the lack of any great tracks here and that the music offered up here is generic neo prog without much personality or even own identity.

I am afraid this album will only appeal to the neo prog fans out there. It is a decent enough album though from a band still alive. See link below.

2 points


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