Saturday 3 October 2015

Jhimm - Between The Waves (2014)

The debut album from USA's Jason Himmelberger.

Jason plays all instruments here and does the vocals too. He has ten years of experience in other prog rock bands. Mostly obscure local New York bands.

Doing an own project is very daunting. I am writing books where I do everything myself (coffee making, writing, production and marketing/promotion) and I find that daunting. The lack of editors and producers is in most cases a big problem for those of us who do everything ourself and that is my most common criticism of albums like this.

I have to say that Jason has steared well away from most of the pits on his journey in a landscape which reminds me a bit about Pink Floyd and Radiohead. The music is symphonic at times and pretty pastoral at times. The songs are not great. But the production with keyboards, synths, guitars, bass, drums and vocals are very good.

There is an ambience in this album I really like. It reminds me a lot about Gazpacho and Marillion at times. And the sound is the modern US prog sound. This is by no means a masterpiece and Jason should perhaps try to write some better songs. But this is still a good album, well worthy of your attention.

3 points

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