Thursday 27 August 2015

Isopoda - Taking Root (1981)

The second and final album from this Belgium band.

I reviewed their 1978 album exactly 6 years ago. I quite liked that album and gave it a three stars rating. I thought they sounded like a blend of Strawbs and Genesis on that album.

Isopoda is a five piece band on Taking Root with a lineup of synths, guitars, bass, drums and vocals. This album is forty-six minutes long too.

The sound is not good. It is by far still the best aspect of this album. An album full of pomp pop and pomp rock with not much prog rock. The 1980s synths sound is horrible. Ditto for the vocals and everything else too. It is a horrible album by all means and one heck of a fluffy turkey. Nuff said.

1 point

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